Main Square

Make your way past the bustling trade activities of the town center and you will find a hidden treasure in the main square.

La Huatápera

La Huatápera, the old hospital for the Indians, quite unmistakable with its large Mudéjar- style windows. Inside, the La Huatápera Museum of Indigenous Art and Tradition features an interesting collection of masks, artifacts and chothes brought in from the villages on the meseta and the region.

Snack Market

Nearby, passing the snack market, you can stop to buy some freshly-roasted coffee at the Café de la Lucha or the Café Tradicional de Uruapan – a place infused with the delicious aroma of coffee where they still grind the beans by hand.


The main plaza and its surrounding areas

Discover an architectural treasure

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To try the best freshly-roasted local coffee.


Center of Uruapan


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