Center of Uruapan

Continuing the evangelical work Don Vasco de Quiroga started in the region of Pátzcuaro, Franciscan monks founded Uruapan, the place where everything blossoms. This city, set in a rich agricultural region has a bustling center and is noted for the lively activities of its several scattered markets. Traces of the missionary past of the Franciscan monks can be found all over the city and a must- see is the Templo Hospital de la Inmaculada Concepción, the current location of the fascinating Museum of Indigenous Art and Tradition that features an extraordinary collection of handicrafts produced by the Indian plateaud wellers.

The narrowest house in the world, Uruapan

El mercado de Antojitos. This snack market is located right in the middle of Uruapan, opposite the Plaza de los Mártires. It offers an amazing variety of typical Michoacán dishes, and do not leave without first trying the traditional tamarind- flavored. Make sure you don't miss the narrowest houses in the world, only 1.4 metres wide, found at No. 50-C, Carrillo Puerto street.

The San Pedro factory, Urapan

A trip back in time to the industrial revolution when large looms ceaselessly produced cotton weaves of very high quality, though nowadays only some of the manual looms are still in operation. There is a small shop that sells table linen and cloth produced using these techniques.

Eduardo Ruiz National Park

A great place to walk under a crown of luscious green vegetation.

Santiago Apóstol Church, Nurio

Next to the Capilla de la Purísima Concepción, the Santiago Apóstol Church, with its richly decorated coffered ceilings and altars, is a masterpiece of Purépecha art.

San Bartolomé Church, Cocucho

Although this village is best known for its large earthenware jars, or cocuchas, the multicolored coffered ceiling in the San Bartolomé Church is definitely worth a look.

San Antonio de Padua, Charapan

Charapan has the biggest group of barns on the plateau. You can also visit the San Antonio de Padua church.

San Pedro church, Zacán

The Santa Rosa de Lima chapel, next to the hospital and the San Pedro church, are all part of a group of buildings of great artistic value. Of particular interest in the delicate coloring is the chapel.

Santiago Church, Angahuan

As well as being on the way to the Paracutín volcano, the town of Angahuan is remarkable in itself because of its well conserved barns or granaries, and its original urban look. Of particular interest is the sheer simplicity of the Santiago Church.


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Uruapan and Villages on the Purépecha meseta

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