Cupatitzio River

You will be able to hear the murmur of the streams that provide the irrigation that keeps the park green. Its name comes from two purépecha words: KUPATZINI (dive) and ITZIO (in the water), but is known as the river that sings.

Cobblestone walkway

You can learn about the details of the rich local flora, watch the daring dives of young people and take a relaxing walk along the pathways.

Princess Eréndira Water Spring

Discover beatiful springs and waterfalls while listening to the chirping of the local birds like pigeons, parakeets, woodpeckers, hummingbirds or sparrows.

Janitzizic Water Spring

Exuberant ferns, orchids and ficus and up to 89 species of plants.


For the greenery

A wonderful green lung in the heart of the city

You must not forget

To find out when the young people do their daring jumps so you can take a photo of these acts of bravery.


Eduardo Ruiz National Park


Any time of the year

Estimated time

3 hours

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