Zirahuén Lake


Rivers and lakes

This lake is located in the municipality of Salvador Escalante but is named after the town of Zirahuén which is located to the north of the lake. Also known as "Mirror of the Gods", the place is a unique natural landscape surrounded by pine and oak forests, in addition to sharing space with the lakes of Patzcuaro and Cuitzeo within the Tarasco Corridor.

The lake is a great tourist venue because it is possible to practice all kinds of water sports there. Also, there is a legend that tells that it was here where a Spaniard fell in love with a purépecha women and kidnapped her. He hid her in a valley surrounded by Mountains and she cried so much that the lake was formed. Finally she submerged into the waters and become a mermaid. The local villagers still tell the legend and believe that it is possible to see this mythical character among the waters.

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Domicilio conocido. Zirahuén, Salvador Escalante

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