Uruapan, where everything blooms, the city that sings with the river

Uruapan is a synonym of fertility. World capital of avocados, Uruapan rises between fruit fields to the infinity, among the exuberance of the warm land and the Purepechan plateau. Side by side with the Cupatizio river, the singing river, the noble Indians found a resting place. Later, the privileged weather gave the Franciscans the idea to build a new hospital town to extend the evangelization of the region. Here, in the huatapera, Don Vasco passed away.

Fray Juan of Saint Miguel planned the city with nine neighborhoods to arrange every social group: Spaniards, creoles, Indians, noble Indians, mestizos and blacks. In the center of the city, the Hospital of the Real Purisima de la Concepcion was built, better known as a la huatapera, that nowadays is home of the interesting Museum of Art and Indian Traditions. The Huatapera, with its wide wood and wool eaves, and the unexpected framework of its windows is a place you must visit.

The second mandatory visit in Uruapan is the Barranca of Cupatitzio, as the National Park Lic. Eduardo Ruiz is known. Idyllic paths accompany the flow of the Cupatitzio river, from its spring, the Knee of the Devil. A trip to listen the whispers of the river and birds singing in a path full of exuberant vegetation. The perfect scape of the daily noise.

Our Recommendations:

  1. The Craft Flea Market of Palm Sunday. Decorators, collectors and regular public arrive to buy the most extraordinary pieces of the tows located in the plateau. On the same day, go near the frog square to taste the tamales and typical atoles of the plateau in the Purepechan Gastronomic Show.
  2. In any other moment of the year, the best place to recover your strength is the lively Antojitos Market, behind the huatapera.
  3. Buy a souvenir that gives you a good taste: macadamia cookies, a bottle of charanda, organic coffee…
  4. One of the most amazing landmarks of the city is the World Guinness Record for the narrowest house in the world. Located on number 50-C of Carrillo Puerto street, it was built in 1985, measures 1.40 by 7.70 meters and is decorated in lively colours.
  5. Walk the Purepechan plateau in search for the marvelous temples with the history roofs of Cocucho, Angahuan, Zacan and Nurio…
  6. Go to a lava adventure in the old town of San Juan Paricutin, from Angahuan, you can walk or ride a horse.

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