Santa Clara del Cobre

In this Magic Town, all that glitters is copper

By the south of the Silencio river, the monotonous hammering of copper sounds like the familiar ringing of a bell. In Santa Clara, copper is a style of life. Purepechans used to work with the material before the colony. Later, Santa Clara became famous for the work quality of its artisans. The copper of this Magic Town was worldwide famous when it was use for the pebble of the Olympic Games of Mexico 1968.

Santa Clara was founded around a convent of clarisas sisters. Today, it is a traditional Michoacan town with its copper gazebo, squares and temples. Just a block away of the museum, you can visit the temple of Our Lady of Sagrario, devoted to Santa Clara, with its copper chandeliers, and the temple of the Immaculate Conception, with its polychrome vaults.

Each house in this Magic Town is a workshop in which the copper technique has passed through generations. You cannot miss the Copper National Museum, with an extraordinary collection of contest pieces. In the patio, a functional forge shelters some working artisans. After you see the process and hard work of the pieces, you can fall for the desire of acquiring a unique copper piece in the shops of the town.

Our recommendations:

  1. Attend a display of the copper work and try hammering with your own hands. Beware: you will get tired. A lot.
  2. Visit the humble Indian chapel to contemplate the interesting pictures of Saint Francisco Javier and the Saint Clara made of corn stalk, as well as a black Christ.
  3. Eat a tostada sandwich, the typical sandwich of Santa Clara.
  4. Assist during the National Copper Fair to admire the work of the best artisans of the field and treat yourself with a copper craft. They are magnificent.
  5. Spend a weekend in the nature by the Zirahuen lake, a few miles away from Santa Clara.

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