Magic Town founded by Don Vasco; World Heritage today

At the border of Patzcuaro lake, a calm town of the same name rises with its stoned streets, majestic houses, green squares and lively gates. This town preserves the provincial charm of its hills, fountains, temples and daily rituals. The magic town of Patzcuaro does not need tricks to charm travelers.

Few places in Mexico can show off 500 years of history. Patzcuaro is one of them. Don Vasco Founded it so it could become the political and religious center of the region. Today, Patzcuaro’s downtown is a World Heritage. Don Vasco also built the Basilica of Our Lady of Health and founded the first university of Mexico, the Saint Nicolas school that nowadays functions as the Museum of Popular Arts and Industries. An abundance of temples and convents, like the Saint Agustin, Saint Francisco or Jesuits surround the lively downtown and mark the tempo of the daily activities with their bells.

Walking this magic town is a treasure for photographers, sybarites and curious tourists. In the mornings, the activities revolved around the Gertrudis Bocanegra square, with the movement of people to the market, an excellent place to taste and buy typical Michoacan products, like dry charales or cotija cheese. In the evenings, coffees, ice cream and mezcal shops gather locals and tourists in the Vasco de Quiroga gates, accompanied by the traditional music and dances of the viejitos.

Our recommendations:

  1. Meet the cultural richness of Purepechan cultures that Vasco de Quiroga established to make the utopia real.
  2. Taste the traditional local cuisine: the famous charales, corundas, uchepos, enchiladas and, above all, the pasta ice cream underneath the gates of the Vasco de Quiroga square.
  3. Experience closely the Night of the Dead, World Heritage, by visiting the nearby graveyards in that magic night.
  4. Take your children on a boat trip to watch the Janitzio fishermen handling their butterfly nets on Sunday mornings.
  5. If you are an art lover, take a trip to Tupataro to admire the majestic Santiago Temple.

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