Zirahuén, the crystal lake


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Zirahuén Lake is one of Michoacán’s best kept secrets. Past the pine and oak forests you will come to a lake surrounded by wooded hills and large ranches. Every shade of green is reflected in Zirahuén: the bright green of the fields and the intense green of the pine trees, which turns dark green when it is reflected in the lake. The Purépecha called it the Mirror of the Gods. And nowadays it is said to be the most crystalline lake in Mexico.

The peaceful town of Zirahuén is set on the only plain along the lake. It is peaceful, at least until the music plays, since this town has a long tradition of bands. On the shore, there are cabins and restaurants overlooking the lake, perfect for a family getaway.

The lake is also the ideal setting for adventure. If you like excitement, fly over the lake on zip line or Zorb downhill. Or if you prefer, go for a gentle horseback ride along the paths surrounding the lake. You will also be able to find a calm period to meditate every morning while the fog is dispersed, walk in the woods or simply commune with nature.


We recommend

  • The Orchid Section provides adventure, spaces for events and cabins to enjoy nature. It is also LGBT friendly.
  • The Alpine Section has many adventure activities such as zip lines, gotcha and horseback riding, in addition to cabins. It is perfect for youth and families.
  • The Zirahuén Section has cabins and a large restaurant overlooking the lake.
  • If you’re looking for somewhere special to eat, La Troje de Ala offers a deluxe experience overlooking the lake.

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