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Set in the middle of the Purépecha plateau, Charapan is a picturesque village surrounded by hills that are well worth exploring on foot. The forests with large trees that once surrounded the village, permitted the construction of trojes, the traditional homes of Purépecha communities. Charapan is one of the few places on the Don Vasco Route that still retains a number of trojes.

Trojes are wooden structures with a hipped roof made of wooden tiles. The troje reflects the lifestyle of these communities. Set the family courtyard, the troje is the center of the household. Inside it contains a bedroom and an oratory. Outside, a covered hall is used for visits and meetings. At the top is a loft or barn for storing maize. The kitchen is built opposite the troje and is the place where family life is concentrated.

Visitors will find trojes with richly carved beams and delicately carved doors, which are often very old, since the troje is a precious heritage passed from parent to child.

In the main square, trojes are colorful, two-story constructions forming arcades. The square is dominated by the impressive church of San Antonio de Padua, with a beautiful ceiling of huge wooden beams. Behind, the chapel of the Huatápera, is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. A few blocks down stands the beautiful Santiago Apóstol Chapel, where the apostles were painted on the coffer. This is one of the fantastic historiated skies of the Purépecha tableland


We recommend

  • Inquire about local artisans at City Hall. In Charapan, a mere handful of weavers keep alive their trade by producing overcoats, such as Moisés Reyes. You should also take a look at the work of Martín Morales, who carves the masks used in traditional dances.

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