The Cupatitzio, the singing river


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Uruapan is fertile land, full of life, a garden with a pleasant climate, an earthly paradise. The Purépecha leaders chose Uruapan as a resort on the banks of a river, the Cupatitzio, the singing river. Today it remains a popular place for walks and enjoying nature. Few of the world’s cities can boast of having a National Park right in the center.

A few blocks from the downtown area stands the entrance to Cupatitzio Canyon National Park, one of the most popular spots in the Eduardo Ruiz National Park. From the spring, known as the “devil’s knee” the crystalline river flows through small waterfalls and peaceful backwaters. The vegetation comes in every shade of green, and the atmosphere is cool and pleasant. Butterflies and hummingbirds flutter around in search of flowers, and you can hear birds singing.

The paths following the river trails are perfect for walking with the family on a warm day or jogging in the morning or afternoon. In such a relaxing environment you could spend all day listening to the song of the river. If you have time, you can have lunch at any of the small eateries along the route.


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  • Visit the craft market located next to the main entrance of the Cupatitzio canyon. Check out downtown Uruapan, go into the huatápera and have lunch at the Antojitos Market.

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