Pátzcuaro, the heart of the Don Vasco Route


Strolling around - Faith and history

Don Vasco de Quiroga was a visionary who dreamed of building a new, more just society. And Pátzcuaro, where the Purépecha thought that the road to the other world began, would be its capital. Over 500 years ago he designed Pátzcuaro for the meeting of cultures: Spaniards, Creoles, Indians and mestizos. There was room for everyone in this new society. And his ideal inspired this town that is now the heart of the Don Vasco Route.

He began building a cathedral modeled after St. Peter’s in Rome on their ceremonial center, but did not live to see the completion of his church, the Basilica of Our Lady of Health, where his remains lie. He also set about creating Mexico's first university, the original Old San Nicolás Obispo College, an institution that was ahead of its time, where Spaniards and indigenous people studied, promoting learning among cultures. Nowadays the building houses the Folk Arts and Industries Museum, thereby maintaining the legacy of craft villages. 

Tata Vasco comes out to meet us in every corner of this Magical Town. His statue stands the main square which bears his name. O'Gorman regarded him a visionary, a righteous man and a humanist when he painted his magnificent mural The history of Michoacán in the Gertrudis Bocanegra Public Library. A fitting tribute to this fascinating character.


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