Night of the Dead on the shores of Lake Pátzcuaro


Purepecha culture

November makes its presence felt in Michoacán with candlelight and bright orange marigolds. It is the Night of the Dead or All Souls’ Night, as the Purépecha call it, a celebration of indigenous roots and Christian forms, declared Intangible World Heritage. And it is here, in this region, that it is experienced authentically and intensely.

In the days leading up to the celebration, graveyards are cleaned and carefully decorated. A large flower market is set up next to the Basílica of Pátzcuaro. Don Juan Tenorio appears on the stage in Pátzcuaro, Tzintzuntzan and Cuitzeo. Towns and cities organize parades and altar contests. Michoacán is in full party mode.

Travelers from all over the world come to witness this beautiful tradition. Some stroll around Vasco de Quiroga Square in Pátzcuaro, where local artisans ply their wares, such as cocuchas, shawls, overcoats and ceramics. Others head for Capula, the village of the amusing Catrina dolls, which exhibits it art at the famous Fair of the Catrina.

At night, the graveyards come alive. In Tzintzuntzan, there is a festive atmosphere from the former monastery to the graveyard. In Tzurumútaro and Cucuchucho, the celebrations are more muted.. The islands also celebrate. Pacanda intimately, Janitzio in more massive, festive atmosphere.

On the most exciting night of the year, the graveyards seem to have been bewitched. Everything is covered in flowers. By the light of thousands of candles, families gather at the graves of their dead. In the Purépecha worldview, death is the route to immortality. That is why they take the dead offerings of bread and sweets, as well as their favorite dish and drink, to make them happy. It is a day and night to fondly remember our loved ones.


We recommend

  • When you visit the graveyards, behave respectfully to those who are honoring their dead and towards the celebration itself. Do not upset people by taking pictures, do not to step on graves and do not drink too much. Cemeteries are not night clubs. Check the schedule for performances of Don Juan Tenorio. Tickets are on sale at the Secretaría de Cultura de Michoacán and in the House of Culture of Morelia.

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