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Santa Fe de la Laguna

Popular art - Purepecha culture

Since the beginning of history, man has worked with clay. In Santa Fe de la Laguna, you will have the opportunity to learn from a master potter about this community’s traditional decorative techniques for pottery.

When Don Vasco de Quiroga came to this land, he organized the communities around craft work. Some would be weavers’ communities, others, like Santa Clara, already worked metal, the coastal peoples fashioned everyday objects out of reed, while other communities worked with clay. Thus, through barter or trade, all communities obtained the necessary utensils. Today you can take the Don Vasco Route to discover the region’s artistic wealth.

A community of potters developed in Santa Fe de la Laguna that has kept the tradition alive, passing on the techniques from father to son. Your teacher will treat you like a member of his family as soon as you enter the workshop. The potters here use various techniques and finishes, such as glazing and smoothing.

In the workshop, pots, jars and dishes wait to be transformed. With patience and dedication, the teacher will show you the various tools and technique for decorating your item with traditional motifs of this community: fish, snails and plant motifs. At the end, you will be able to take your masterpiece home. An ideal activity for the whole family, don’t you think?


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  • Contact any of the workshops that allow you to meet the potters in Santa Fe. The photos feature the workshop of Don Nicolás Fabián Fermín, a renowned master potter with items on display in the Banamex collection

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