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At the end of October, all of Michoacán prepares for its most traditional night, the Night of the Dead. This celebration, recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage, is intimately traditional as well as festive. During this period, a wave of creativity sweeps over Uruapan, which dresses up in all its finery to receive those who have gone forever.

In the days leading up to and during the celebration of the Night of the Dead, Uruapan celebrates the Candle Festival with various activities throughout the city, essential to enjoying these festivities. A huge altar to the dead is set up in the main garden, inviting passersby from around the state, to tour the city in search of the beautiful tributes to the dead set up in public buildings and parks to participate in the altar display. In courtyards and streets, you will be greeted by vividly painted skulls while Catrina dolls smile for your selfies. Marigolds adorn the squares. At nightfall, music floods the city. Male and female Catrina figures parade through the streets, making children laugh, while families drink hot chocolate with a sweet roll called pan de muerto traditionally baked in the days leading up to this celebration.

The Night of the Dead is a magical event. Throughout the night, sawdust carpets with intricate designs adorn the main streets of the city, from Barranca del Cupatitzio National Park to the main garden. Tens of thousands of candles illuminate the night of Uruapan and the Caltzontzin dam, creating the magical atmosphere of this special night. Tempted?


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  • Bring your family to enjoy the all-day festive atmosphere during the Candle Festival. Check the schedule-there’s sure to be something for everyone!

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