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500 years ago, Don Vasco de Quiroga arrived in Michoacán with the hopes of building his own Utopia. To this day, the Purépecha villages founded by him, proudly maintain their old traditions, while their regional gastronomy and handicrafts are worldwide renowned. Follow the footsteps of this visionary humanist in two fascinating tours: either of Lake Pátzcuaro and its surroundings or through the Purépecha Plateau.

Which are the most importan traditional festivals?

In January the Curpites dance in San Juan Nuevo. The Holy Week is most impressive in Morelia and Pátzcuaro. In October, the Festival de la Raza in Zacán. The Night of the Dead at the lakeside villages is probably the most moving celebration. On Christmas time don’t miss the negritos dance in Tingambato.

What should I buy?

We have a long tradition of high-quality popular art: Santa Clara copper, shawls from the plateau, glazed earthenware, Uruapan lacquers, catrinas from Capula... Go to the Casa de las Artesanias in Morelia, the Casa de los 11 patios in Pátzcurao, and to the crafts markets of Palm Sunday in Uruapan and Night of the Dead in Pátzcuaro. You may also shop at the Casa de las Artesanías online stored.

What does Utopia mean?

Thomas More published in 1516 the book Of a republic's best state and of the new island Utopia, where he describes a society based on community, work, freedom, justice and equality. Don Vasco was inspired by his ideas when he founded new villages in Michoacán, where the community-based social organization still remain.


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Purépecha culture

Nowadays, the Purépecha communities proudly preserve their rich culture and traditions, born from the fusion of two worlds. It is a town with a strong history, that of an empire that coexisted with the Mexicas themselves and a town of skilled artists as well, filled with illustrious cooks and renowned musicians. Its people stand ready to face the future without losing sight of their past, of their roots.

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